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Gratitude: Stretching Paper {And Myself}

I am so thankful encouraging words.

A little backstory for # 413…

This past week I really have been feeling a push to “stretch” myself and stretch myself some watercolor paper,  and paint, even if it is just a few minutes a week. (Gotta start somewhere.)

Emily, at Chatting At the Sky, has been writing about Art lately and it has really tugged at my heart. After commenting and mentioning the urge to try to get back to painting, Emily sent such a sweet email of encouragement.

Ann Voskamp has also written of Art lately as well, another tug…

And, Emily at In the Hush of the Moon, has posted about her paintings as well and she also left a very encouraging comment on Hiking Toward Home’s Facebook page…. yet another tug…

Also, I was reminded by the Holy Spirit of a conversation a while back, the same wise counselor who told me of paths and neurons, asked why I had stopped painting. My answer almost brought tears to his eyes. I stopped because I was persuaded that it was a worthless occupation of my time by someone behind a pulpit. (Yes, I have been rethinking that one too.)

So, I this past weekend, I bought some watercolor paper and board to stretch it on. It is stretched and sits waiting for pigment and brush…

If you think on it, pray for me as I step into this new area of stretching, it has been twenty years since I seriously dipped a brush into beautiful pools of color and applied it to paper.

So my gift list for this week:

397. a husband who encourages me to go to the local coffee shop to sit and think and write and read
398. the gift of time alone
399. the fresh blanket of snow
400. Reading Class done snuggled up on an overstuffed loveseat
401. the gift of being able to pray for others, it is something that we can give no matter if the person
           we are praying for cares or not, it is a gift that cannot be rejected.
                Because it is God who is the target and he doesn’t reject our prayer
402. the “self-check” as a result of the challenging reading in Serena Woods’ book
403. the forgiveness of God instantly upon confession
404. wisdom from the Lord
405. being able to enter into the sorrows of others and the heartaches of others and share, uplift and encourage…
406. as a result of having been through our own Hard Eucharsiteo
407. warm socks on cold feet
408. the quietness that falling snow brings

409. the moment in time where the sun breaks the horizon bringing with it…
410. His mercies…
411. that are new every morning
412. time spent with my kids
413. inspiration to attempt painting for the first time in 20 years,
           inspired by Ann, Emily, and Emily; their art, writing,
               and kind words of encouragement to go for it
414. the loud snapping and popping coming from the fireplace
415. finally being able to turn pages instead of scrolling
           (I finally got my copy of ONE THOUSAND GIFTS in the mail!)
416. sweet moments of love between boy and dog

Linked up today over at Ann Voskamp’s A Holy Experience. Join the growing community of gratitude by beginning your own list and linking up!!

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