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Gratitude: A Bit Late Is Better Than Never

His gratitude and love for his Savior ever present in every minute with him.

I could sit and listen to him do this all. day. long.

Though it is no longer Monday and I am late posting this, listing my gratitude a bit late is better than never being grateful at all.


836. she wanted to draw and make cards for them

837. time drawing with her

838. sketching out flowers…

839. I actually completed it…

840. … and I am happy with the results.

841. everyone at the table “doing art”

842. spirals on my window sill

843. fresh veggies on my counter, delivered by hands connected to hearts who love and care for us

844. warmth of early morning sunshine

845. the furry bunny crossing my pathway

846. God’s faithful provision (all the veggies we were blessed with reminds me that He takes care of us and uses His people to do it)

847. shafts of sunlight filtering through the treetops

848. morning glory trumpets

849. her wisdom as a counselor…

850.    … she is my sister in Christ and my friend

851. at four, she loves to jump off the diving board

852. a pool available for us to enjoy

853. good “sister” conversation and fellowship, poolside, while kids laugh and splash

854. He has surrounded us with godly friends

855. fireworks with friends

856. men who stood bravely for future generations

857. the smell of the salt marsh

858. the comforting sound of waves crashing on the sand nearby

859. knowing sand is only a few hundred yards away

860. they are willing to watch our fur babies

861. sharing her heart in the quiet darkness during the long car drive

862. her love for the Lord and her concern for her spiritual growth

863. her climbing tree

864. Godly men who give wise counsel

865. she texts me to tell me how very much God loves me and my daughter

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  • AmyJuly 5, 2011 - 9:18 AM

    I’m late this week too:) A holiday will do that! Enjoyed your list. Those veggies look amazing! Your mention of morning glories reminds me I should go out enjoy mine before it gets later and sunnier.ReplyCancel

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