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Gratitude: Worship

As my pastor preached yesterday about worship and how true worship comes from gratitude,

I smiled wide and wrote…

“gratitude listing = worship.”

Join me in worship…

Thank you Heavenly Father for…

967. “I like puddles.” she says from her perch in the aft of the van…

968. “know what’s the best thing about puddles is that they splash.”

969. early morning drive down Basin Run Road

970. gold leaves, red leaves, orange leaves

971. playgrounds

972. brilliant yelllow, deep purple, and brick red mums, huddled around steps and tree trunks, thumbing their noses at the drabness of the coming gray of winter

973. bright blue sky peeking from behind ominous looking dark gray clouds

974. quiet house…

975. … fire… snapping… crackling… popping… and sizzling

976. … started by my love, before he heads off to work

977. peaceful melodies of David Nevue infusing a spirit of rest and calm into body, mind, and home

978. silky blond hair softly brushing my cheek

979. …as she climbs into my lap…

980. …”good morning mommy” whispered quiet

981. he tells me to wait until morning light before I begin to drive homeward

982. clear dry roads

983. the unexpected snow

984. trees aflame with color, standing tall in fields, looking shocked, with snow plastering one side, as if a whipped cream pie had been thrown in their face

985. sunny yellow leaves fallen atop frozen crystals of snow

986. hoarfrost this very morning…

987. and now “seven”…

Linked up with Ann today. Join in and count your gifts.

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