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We Moved On


No, I did not fall off the face of the earth.

I took a year long blogging break. I haven’t blogged since last February.


A lot has happened in the mean time and I am looking forward to sharing all sorts of news here on the old blog.

The biggest news…  We moved!

Before I jump into the new place, a few things about the old place, a rental that we lived in for five years.

The house itself, its layout and design, I really liked. The house had an open floor plan that I enjoyed.

However, we did not like the fact that it had no back yard. It had a drainage ditch instead.

IMG_7757 - Version 2

It also had a very steep front yard with a very long gravel driveway. No where to play soccer or volleyball or badminton. When it came to snow, the gravel long driveway was a back-breaker to shovel.


Though I love living in the rural countryside, my husband and I grew up in a planned community, in the land of neighbors close by and streets with curbs and paved driveways. He wanted community and I wanted country.

God gave us both.


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