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Gratitude: Naming the Fish in the Net

Last week, Ann Voskamp published a great post about noticing that Peter counted the fish in the net. He counted his blessings.

I count… like Peter, I name… like Adam, I list… like Ann.
Thanking God for all that He graces with me with each day…

241. The warm weight of the child asleep in my lap.
242. Little girl toes with tiny traces of nail polish applied long ago.
243. The moments spent watching Pride and Prejudice with my bookworm-girl and her dad
244. the laugh spilling from my Artist-son while he reads Charles Schultz drawings
245. a girl confronting her problems and turning to God for help with them
246. my Bookworm-girl baking DELICIOUS chocolate chip cookies, ALL. BY. HERSELF.
247. getting a lot of laundry done
248. the scent of turkey filing the house as we entered the door
249. the grinding sound of a puppy intensely gnawing on her bone,
             Praising God she is not doing that to the furniture.
250. a room filled with friends playing Apples to Apples
251. “My chains are gone, I’ve been set free,
         My God, My Savior, has ransomed me,
         And like a flood, His mercy rains,
         Unending love, Amazing grace…” ~Chris Tomlin
252. the gift of having the chains of double standards broken off of me
253. the deeper knowledge of grace
255. a husband giving me time to fix my blog
256. seeing friends join the counting of grace-gifts
257. a washing machine chugging along… I don’t have to do my laundry on a rock in a piranha filled
          muddy river
258. there is enough milk for coffee this morning
259. the Bright and Morning Star (aka: Jesus, reference Chris Tomlin’s “Glory in the Highest”)

(Yes, I know that is Venus… a planet… not a star… but still a great shot. No?)

260. the Jesse Tree Advent devotional, printed and ready to use

This morning I was happy to see that my friend Louise had joined in the counting of the multitudes of gifts we count on Mondays over at the Gratitude Community hosted by Ann. I am one of those people that enjoys spreading the word about things I truly enjoy. It is encouraging to me to see someone join into something that has been life-changing for me.

I am truly thankful right now for a husband who knew that the template mess was going to be on my mind all day. My knight, who wasn’t wearing medieval armor, stepped in and saved his damsel in distress. “Go ahead and take care of it now. I will get the kids started on their breakfast and school work.” Such a good man I married. Dwelling with me according to the knowledge that he knew I would be stressed all day until I figured it out. Giving me a chance to fix the issues, without interruption. Though I never did get the old template to reload, I was able to configure one of Blogger’s standard templates enough so that it looks close enough to my old one. It is doable and I am happy.

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