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Gratitude: Light For Your Hike: Day 1



“Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.”

Psalm 116:15

{I had thought I would not participate in the Nester’s “31 days of…” this year, but the prompting of a friend and reading Sarah Mae’s first day… I decided to give it a go. For the next 31 days I will be posting 31 Days of Light for Your Hike, 31 days of Bible truth accompanied by some sort of photography of views along my hike.}

I did not post last week as it was a time for me to be quiet and minister however God asked me to within my church family. Our church had a very highly respected teen involved in an accident that brought him into the arms of his Savior, Jesus Christ.

I say a highly respected teenager. They seem to be harder to find these days.

Though I was not close to this young man or his parents, I was greatly impressed by the fact that his funeral was a celebration of his life and the majority of those who stood up to speak of this 17 year old, were men of our congregation and community. Men who hold positions of authority in our country as State Troopers, men who are godly christians within our church family, pillars of our church, as my daughter put it so aptly, men who are “highly esteemed and respected”.

Each one that stood and voluntarily shared what God burdened their hearts to share with this assembled group mentioned this boy’s love for His Lord and his country, and the godly life he led. He was a teen who was respectful of those around them. He was a gentleman. You don’t find photos of him hanging all over the young ladies he escorted to banquets… for he was a true gentleman. A kid on fire for God who had a firm handshake and a testimony for being a hard worker.

So as I write out my gratitude this week, much of it is from a place of “hard eucharisteo”, as Ann puts it.

1211. sledgehammers and watermelons

1212. jokes that he comes up with that make me laugh hard

1213. his humor, always at the right time

1214. roborovrski hampsters

1215. upcoming youth retreat: Paid in Full

1216. dogs that smile when you scratch them

1217. Occupation Day- she went as an online missionary, a Christian blogger, wearing her in(RL) t-shirt

1218. the right buttons were there in an old box

1219. ready to be sewn onto a vest

1220. He and she walked straight out of 1776 and into their classrooms

1221. One came from the fifties and went to school with blue jeans, white t-shirt, and hair slicked back

Hard Eucharisteo …

1222. pastors who are there for their faith family

1223. teachers who take their math class to Dunkin Donuts,

                     seeing their need to have a break from the normal routine,

                                    giving time to grieving teenage hearts

1224. compassionate teachers

1225. the peace that God wraps around hurting hearts

1226. that he knew his Savior and stepped right into his presence, whole and healed

1227. A home opened for youth to gather and grieve together

           and draw close to the Lord while…

1228. …drawing close around bonfire flames.

1229. the opportunity to serve, to minister “as of the ability which God giveth:

                  that God in all things may be glorified through Jesus Christ,

                               to whom be praise and dominion for ever and ever.” (1 peter 4:11)

1230. A young man’s life testimony bringing glory and honor to his Jesus…

1231. …seen and acknowledged by so many highly esteemed and respected men in his faith community.

1232. Parents who exemplify God’s grace in their time of deep sorrow,

                           even while their hearts are aching and shocked by the suddenness of it all.

1233. that we can cast all our cares upon our God; who cares for us (1 Peter 5:7)

1234. a persistent and insistent dog, who clearly loves me

1235. first full color fall tree –  sadly, I did not get a photo

1236. a job promotion

1237. new shoes at 75% off!

1238. brownie corners

1239. chocolate ice cream

1240. a boy who prepares ice cream for his little sister

1241. ten pounds lost, the scale slowly moving the desired direction

1242. One with fractured heart raising a hand

                    in acknowledgement of God’s goodness and faithfulness through heartache.


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  • dawnOctober 2, 2012 - 9:14 AM

    my eyes are already soaked from my own thousand tears… but i read your story and find a few more. loss is painful in even the joy of Jesus. it is sad to think that there are not many like him… i count myself blessed to know a few… one in my own home.

    hooray for 1776! i made costumes like that for my own… ages ago…

    i miss being here, in your space. looking forward to your 31 days…ReplyCancel

    • Sharon @ Hiking Toward HomeOctober 2, 2012 - 12:27 PM

      Dawn, I can’t wait to meet you and hug you in person at the end of this month!! yay!
      Thank you for continuing to hang on here in this space. It’s been a long hard year but I am really working to come back into this space with new focus … and light.ReplyCancel

  • CrystalOctober 2, 2012 - 9:33 AM

    It is always hard to process “why” God would choose to take such a young vibrant light from this dark world. Only he has those answers, but it does bring a church community closer together, therefore closer to him and that strengthens the body that seems to be fractured so often, as we well know. Unfortunately this lessons are hard, but love and compassion arises to new levels, and that glorifies him. I pray from the ashes God raises the beauty of many youth in your circle to greater depths with him. And that Kate would be among those, as she finds her purpose in him!

    • Sharon @ Hiking Toward HomeOctober 2, 2012 - 12:33 PM

      Crystal, Hard yes. Having walked this road as a teen myself I was able to see good from bad. The “bad” I endured as a teen loosing my best friend in my junior year became the “good” of being able to fully empathize with these kids and know just how deep their ache is and that it will be a long while before it ebbs. Thankful that unlike my road, his testimony was so very real to those teens whose hearts ache many of whom have their own strong walk with Christ. At least one came to know Christ through this and several people have had their lives affected through him being a donor… maybe to allow time for them to come to Christ? Only God knows those stories for now.ReplyCancel

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