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The College Years: Art Journey, Part 3

I shared some with you all about my college in my last post about how much I hated high school.

Though I discussed college a little bit.

I ran across some old photos from that time that I have decided to share.

This is the first painting I ever sold. I painted it while taking Painting 1 at the University of Maryland during the summer semester of 1990.



I sold it for $75.

It was for an assignment that we had; to do several paintings influenced by different Masters of our choice. I did this one based on Jackson Pollock.

This is me when I was the Vice President of the Student Art League of Prince George’s Community College, Fall 1990…



One of my favorite teachers was my Watercolor teacher. She is the one who instilled my love for watercolor.



In the Spring semester of 1991, I became the President of the Student Art League. The Advisor for the Student Art League was the Sculpture and Ceramics Professor, John Krumrein. He was another one of my favorite teachers. He was a bit crazy which made him all the more fun.



As the President of the SAL, I had to type all 250 labels for each of the pieces that was accepted into the exhibit. On a typewriter. And I could not use whiteout to fix my typing mistakes. So I had to type some of  them more than once. There was one in particular that I kept messing up. I typed the title wrong or forgot to capitalize something or misspelled his name. I was getting really mad. But whoever he was, his photo had won first place in the Photography category.





As it turned out the guy who’s name I had to retype so many times… was also the cute red-head I had a crush on. By the end of school that semester we were together every. single. day.



I’m so glad I was able to change his mind about what he thought of me.

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